Burlap Grow Bags make use of Spiral Tube-like fibers 1
Jute Grow Bag

Burlap Grow Bags make use of Spiral Tube-like fibers

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Burlap Grow Bags make use of Spiral Tube-like fibers 2


The Burlap Grow bags spiral tubing is an essential for an effective flexible packaging. These fibers are available in heavy 7oz and extra heavy 10oz burlap. These viral tubing in woven from is both versatile and durable. This tubing can be created by sewing the tube in a continuous roll whose edges are sewn at 45 degree angle.

About the Bags:

Now-a-days, Jute Grow Bags are revolutionary boom for green thumbed people. This type of jute bags are available is small, medium and large varieties as growing medium for plants. These bags are made from eco-friendly jute material. Thus, they are Bio-degradable, reusable and non-polluting elements. These type of bags have earned extreme popularity due to the fact that they allow the benefit of growing home-grown siblings without worrying about pesticides. According to the size of available terrace, the size of the bag may be maintained accordingly. These bags serve as unique economical option for any sort of gardening. There are enough provisions for aeration and draining for the roots. The bags are reusable and thus these can be utilized for producing good quality crops for seasons throughout and for years ahead. When the bags are filled with growing medium, they stand upright.

Puspa Jute Bags is an eminent producer and exporter of Jute Grow Bags.

If you have an inbuilt terrace shaped like big flat surface, you can use the space for cultivation of vegetable. It is the position of installation of Jute Bags. The grow bags are ideal for growing those plants that do not have too deep roots. These include vegetables, flowers, green chillies, some indoor plants, ornamental plants, orchids, medicinal plants and likewise. Normally, these bags have enough space to grow two plants at a maximum.

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