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    Finest Quality Cotton, Canvas and Jute Beach Bags manufacturer, exporter, supplier and Wholesaler in India

    Beach Bags is produced by Puspa Jute Bags for exporting. Puspa Jute Bags is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter in India.Beach Bag is a product that is mainly using as an accessory during small trips to sea. These types of bags are using for carrying packing for a day at the sea beach. These bags may of various shapes, but one thing is common. These products are invariably larger than any other fashionable jute bags. Beach Bags are very much resemble the portable travel bags. Beach jute bags are used for carrying towels, swimsuits, toiletries and light cosmetics. These products are make from durable cotton, canvas, while jute. This Bags can stands in a vertical position. These products have additional strength with rip-resistant bottom and handles. There is a top zippered closure and many pockets in the interior for the sake of convenience.

    Uses of Beach Bags:

    These bags are seen to be used in many practical uses. As well as a fashion accessory, depending on the shape and sizes. Besides being used as a travel accomplishes. These bags can also using as : Office Bags, laptop bags, coupon bags, Vanity Bags, Evening Bags. Also School Bags, College bags, Shopping Bags, kits Bags. As well as Work Bag and even as a fashion accessory. Since, these bags are make light-weight and sturdy.  These bags are very popular solution for carriage purpose.Our main market includes USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France. Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark. Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy & Japan. We have many satisfied clients in United Kingdom & United States. This clients are buy hessian shopping bags & cotton shopping bags regularly. It is our great achievement that we are making satisfaction to our UK, Europe and US clients. With our best quality Eco friendly bags as well as services.
  • Calico Bags

    Calico Bags (4)

    Calico Bags Manufacturer and Exporter from India
  • Canvas Beach Bags

    Canvas Beach Bags (7)

    Largest Canvas Beach Bags manufacturer from Kolkata India. Canvas beach bags exporter India. we are manufacturing bags as per your needs.
  • Canvas Tote Bags

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  • Christmas Bags

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  • Cotton Bags

    Cotton Bags (22)

    Puspa jute bags is leading Cotton Bag Manufacturers, cotton bag exporters, Cotton Shopping Bags, Promotional Cotton Bags, Cotton Drawstring Bags, and cotton canvas bag exporters from India.

    Pups Jute Bags deals with an assortment of variety in the Cotton Bag. These bags are used for both inland sale and for being exported to all the major countries like USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Japan & many more.ABOUT COTTON BAG :Cotton bags are used for both inland sale as well as for export use. Puspa Jute Bags manufactures these cotton bag and canvas bags and also export this type of cotton and canvas bags.ABOUT COTTONSCIENTIFIC NAME:- Gossypium HibiscusGenus:-GossypiumSpecies:-Hibiscus/MallowFamily:- MalvaceaCotton is a naturally soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows with the seeds of the cotton plant. (Fiber is long and thin like hair).It is a soft downy substance similar to fine wool which is cultivated almost all over the world. The main countries where cotton is grown abundantly is USA, INDIA, BRAZIL, and Egypt.In India Punjab, Deccan. U.P. Tripura and Assam are the main producing states. Indian cotton crop is the second large product in the world.From ancient times, cotton usage shows that it is one of the most primitive and human utility product due to its softness, comfort-ability and light weightiness characteristics. Any design and printing support can be made with varieties style of cotton bags due to the  unique nature of cotton.Like jute, cotton is an eco-friendly product because it does not pollute the environment. That is why cotton is becoming popular in comparison to other products like plastic or leather which is causing hazards to our environment. Cotton which is one of the world’s most-produced fibers have occupied a considerable share in the market worldwide due to its product cotton bags. Due to its versatile nature and spinning cotton has some important characteristics on spinning like it has lightweight and tightly woven nature and air-permeability inside it. The product of cotton i.e. Cotton bag which is obtained from resourceful fabric is also light-weight and powerful and also its durability when woven with heavier weight cotton.USES OF COTTON BAGS :-1.Recycle:-Due to the nature of the sturdiness and strength of the cotton fabric, it makes them ideal for its recycling. To make the disposable parts easier and for recycling usage, all  the recycled products are kept in different bags to make the process easier2. Air-permeability:-Due to breathability and air-permeability of cotton fiber it makes great planters for these cotton bags for growing vegetables.3. Storage:-The cotton bags are used as a storage for supplies of art and craft.4. Fabrication;-The cotton bags are fabricated and well designed that can be made personalized by decorating these bags with paint for its beautiful and gorgeous look.5. Organization :-These bags helped for the organization of toy boxes and playrooms by grouping small toys in the separated designated bags.The small children are encouraged and inspired by usages of these bags and they are refrained from making problems and troubles in the rooms.
  • Cotton Promotional Bags

    Cotton Promotional Bags (6)

    Cotton Promotional Bags manufacturer in India. Cotton Promotional Bags exporter from India. we are manufacturing bags as per your needs.
  • Drawstring bags

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    Pups Jute Bags is one of the best quality Drawstring Bags manufacturer, Drawstring Bags wholesaler, and Drawstring Bags exporter from India.

    Drawstring Bags are made from burlap, the variety of coarse Jute fabric. The coarseness of the fabric has made the product highly durable and environmental friendly. These bags have a natural smell and an authentic look making the products ideal for decor based projects. Thus, these products are seen to perfectly fit and popular in the decoration for weddings. Jute tote bags are seen as the most popular wedding favor bags. Besides, there are bags to carry wine for events. And, there are bags for events like Christmas or likewise event. There is another reason that has made the Drawstring Bags more popular is their ability to be used as a customized product. It makes the making of any screen print, screen press, heat transfer, embroidery, iron-on, and logo much easier. These logos are mainly made for particular events like fairs, cocktails, weddings, baby showers, and all holistic festivals.Puspa Jute Bag has varieties of stock in drawstring bags that are customizable and designed for various events. Thus, the customers are encouraged for online visit to get the most preferred product for the occasion planned. Order also can be made online.Drawstring Bags made by Puspa Jute Bags, an enunciated bag manufacturer in India & Kolkata, is sure to offer an authentic ambience to events. The usages of these bags are literally limitless, as they serve to make an event more captivating and meaningful.
  • Grow Bags

    Grow Bags (6)

    Pups Jute Bags is one of the best quality Grow Bags manufacturer, wholesaler and global exporter from India.
    Jute Grow bag is a nice innovation for the alternative of plastic and mud tub for growing the various plants. Grow bags are an interesting and popular alternative to in-ground gardening. They can be started indoors and moved out, repositioned with the changing light, and placed absolutely anywhere. If the soil in your yard is poor or just nonexistent, grow bags are a great choice. Durable grow bags are ideally suited for Culinary Herbs, spinaches and other small vegetables plants. These grow bags are suitable for Terrace Gardening, Poly House and Horticulture purpose These bags comes in a wide array of heights and widths, making them much more versatile and easily arrangeable than most hard plastic containers.It’s possible to create the illusion of raised beds by simply placing a series of grow bags together in a large rectangle. Unlike plastic containers, they fold flat and take up virtually no space. Gardening with Grow bags are a perfect option if you have no space for an in-ground garden. Image shown above is Indicative only; size may differ from the picture shown. We can love nature in this way.  You may always insist on “ PUSPA JUTE BAG “, the most popular  brand of R. K. Enterprise.Jute is an amazing fibre – it’s incredibly sustainable, it’s affordable, it’s fast-drying and it’s breathable. R.K.Enterprise is manufacturing unique Jute Grow Bags for Planters which is ideal for growing all types of Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers. Perfect for the balcony or small gardens, where space is a premium and you don’t want to be fiddling around with dirt. These grow bags are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plant on terrace & balcony. Each bag contains: soil pellets, watering beads seeds and instructions. Just add water into the bag the water beads and soil pellets will expand. Add seeds to grow your own herbs and plants. These bags can last for more than 5 years under constant use while resisting harsh sunlight. This bag is ideal for growing vegetables, green plants and flowers and is the ideal choice for Kitchen gardening. Due to its light weight and portability, it is easily moved anywhere around. Despite of any measurement, growing bags have enough space for three vegetable plants that will provide you with enough food for several meals over the summer. Plant two to three plants in each bag during spring. Bags were traditionally used under glass and were introduced as an alternative to planting directly into greenhouse soil. Not having permanent borders meant the space could be used more efficiently throughout the year and plants would not become infected by soil-borne diseases. Today, they are still ideal for growing plants in the greenhouse, but are also perfect in a sunny spot outdoors. So jute has a fantastic and eco support use for kitchen garden and small farmers. As we promise to protect our home from any type of pollution, similarly should promise to protect our lovely earth from green house danger. We should teach our children how you can protect your earth in every cycle of the life style. Start to think of your soil our mother land to save the earth.
    Puspa Jute Bag has been providing varieties of uniquely shaped and authentic looking planter bags, known as Grow Bags made of Jute for growing natural, full-flavored vegetables, salads and fruits. The company is one of the leading Jute Bags producer and exporter from Kolkata India.The products known as Grow Bag are self-contained planters. These products are filled with specially blended compost for growing vegetables, flowers. The unique shape paves for deeper root establishment. Besides, scope for better retention of water is also provided with.Benefits for using a Grow Bag: These products are of two varieties. One helps to breed fruits and another variety helps to cultivate vegetables. These bags are made for comfortable use and are ready for starting plantation. The planting can be done straight into the bags. These products are available in larger shape that allows for deeper root growth. There is provision for a perfect air-water balance that makes way for strong root growth. Watering is also made easy with the larger space within the bags.There are provisions for immediate nutrition in these Grow Bags for the first six weeks and the bags retain moisture. The tests have shown better results for production as compared to the peat-based alternatives. The composts are seen to be more organic and with reduced level of peat. The composts are seen to have no added chemicals and are covered with sustainably sourced materials. All the interested parties are encouraged to file their requirements through online and book their order accordingly.
  • Hand Painted Bags

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    Hand Painted Bags 100% eco friendly.
  • Jute Bags

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  • Jute Beach bags

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  • Jute Conference bags

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  • Jute Fashion bags

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  • Jute Grocery Bag

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    Jute Grocery Bag 100% eco-friendly bags with natural fiver.
  • Jute Laptop bags

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  • Jute Promotional Bags

    Jute Promotional Bags (15)

  • Jute Shopping Bags

    Jute Shopping Bags (17)

    Puspa Jute Bags is one of the leading Jute Shopping Bags manufacturers, shopping bag exporter, Promotional shopping bags manufacturer and exporter from India.

    Reusable Shopping Bags Manufacturer in India | Reusable Shopping Bags Exporter in India 100% ECO FRIENDLY BAGS Finest Quality customized Reusable Jute Shopping Bags, Cotton Shopping Bags manufacturer, exporter, global supplier and wholesaler from India A Jute, Cotton and canvas Shopping Bags is a product that is supplied by a store to a customer for carrying the purchases. These shopping bags are found in a multiple type of sizes. These are type of bags are found to have been manufactured from Jute, Canvas and plastic. With use of plastics being restricted, more stress is being put on bags made from Jute, Cotton and canvas.These bags are medium-sized, that are normally used either by grocery shoppers or shoppers of garments or likewise products for carrying home the purchases. These bags may be disposable or these may be designed for being reusable.The Shopping Bags manufactured by Puspa Jute are reusable as they are made from Jute, Cotton and canvas an extraordinary environmental-friendly product. These reusable products are normally made from Jute Cloth, known more popularly as Burlap. These products are made more sturdy as the Burlap is itself is more coarse than the Jute itself. In the United States, these bags are even considered as Fashion statement.People used to have paper Shopping Bags in the earlier days, before coming of the Plastic Shoppers concept. But, due to the adverse nature of the Plastic towards the environment, it is now highly recommended that Jute Shopping Bag, with this acronym behavior as reusable accompanied by the astonishing patterns and gorgeousness, be used in lieu of all the other form of shopping bag.Reusable Shopping Bags have huge demand in Indian and International Market. Puspa Jute Bags, a foremost Jute packaging item manufacturer & exporter in India & Kolkata is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of these products for a long time.
  • Jute Wine Bags | Wine Bag Exporter | Wine Bag manufacturer

    Jute Wine Bags | Wine Bag Exporter | Wine Bag manufacturer (8)

    Pups Jute Bags is one of the best quality Jute and Cotton Wine Bags manufacturer, wholesaler and Global exporter from India. About the Product: The Company produces various forms of Wine Bags for its international clients. As is obtained from a study of the culture of the clients abroad, various type of Jute and Cotton bags are made, some of which are enumerated as under:1. Jute Wine Single Bottle Bags: This Wine Bags are made to carry Wine/Jam/pickle and sweets. Thus, these bags used for multiple purposes. These bags can hold two volumes of large Ciders or Beers and much more. These bags are designed with gorgeousness and stoutness.2. Jute Double Wine Bottle Gift Bags: These products are made from Green Jute, extraordinarily friendly for environment. These are equipped with cord handles. The name of the material used is hessian Jute, one of the best qualities Jute Material. These products can also be used for carrying wine when shopping and is a perfect way for wrapping of wine bottles as gift item.3. Triple Carrier Bags: These Jute Bottle gift bag in fact, makes a lovely carrier pack for any occasion. These bottles have the provisions for being presented as a personal product. But, normally they are treated as gift item for any party of get together.Puspa Jute Bags is one of the leading jute wine bags manufacturer & exporter in Kolkata & India that caters a countable portion of these products in the country.
  • Ladies Parts Bags

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  • Non-Woven Bags

    Non-Woven Bags (4)

    Pups Jute Bags is one of the best quality Non-Woven Bags manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter from India.

    About Non-Woven Bags:

    Non-woven fabric is a fabric-like material made from staple fiber. Short and continuously long fibers are bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Thus, the resultant fabric is a neither woven, nor knitted one, called Non-woven. This fiber can even be used to make bags, called Non-Woven Bags.It is clear that Plastic Bags usage cause the infinite level of damages to the environment, paper bags cannot be given place, as these products are nor re-usable. Woven bags are usable and recyclable; but, is it more labor intensive and more energy-consuming, the concept of eco-friendliness can no more be applied to these products. Thus, Non-woven Bags comes into the picture. These are made from spun-bond non-woven Propylene Cloth. This PP material has a look of cloth but does not require to be woven. This property has made them a more economical and ecologically sound variety to be chosen.Thus, the Non-Woven Bags is seen to equip with some hosts of benefits. They are fully recyclable and Bio-degradable. No PVC coating is used during the process of manufacturing. More usability is another benefit obtained by using this product. These products are light-weight and sturdy and available at a fair and competitive price. They are liquid repellent, washable and Air Permeable. These products have a lot of uses. Businesses like Grocers, departmental stores, gift shops, and promotional campaigns are some of those uses. Non-woven carriers are the most environments friendly and the most versatile as well as practical bags in the marketplace today.
    Puspa Jute Bags known as one of the premium Non-Woven Bags manufacturer and exporter and globally known supplier.
  • Official Bags

    Official Bags (9)

    Finest Quality Jute, Cotton, Canvas Official Bags manufacturer, exporter, Global supplier and Wholesaler in India

    About Official Bags:

    The Official Bags are make long, handy, light-weight and comfortable for the users to carry. There are huge in-built spaces in supporting corners of this type of bags. It is seen that the bags have enough space for keeping office files and documents. Also using for caring laptop, books and booklets, bank documents, water carriers, lunch box carriers etc. Such bags are mandatory light-weight and sturdy.  Office-going person may have to carry a lot of documents. It related things from one place to another.

    Official Bags Uses:

    The Official jute Bags have their uses for office-going and related purposes. These bags are using by the office-going persons for carrying their office kits. This include the personal belongings to caring for  office files and other documents. laptop and other electronic equipment including calculator, Digital diary. Also pen, writing documents, office lunch-box etc. It is imperative that if the person has responsibility to be carried. Between his own office and that of the client’s office as a liaison. He/she will have to carry specific stationery. For being enabled to carry out this purpose. He is require additional spaces in the office bags. This have to be provided by the manufacturer.Above all, Puspa Jute Bags  manufactured official jute bags. Now Puspa jute bags is one of the best manufacturer in the industry. Being a premier exporter of official jute bags. Therefore, we designs the bags accordingly based on the clients needs. Also of their taste and usability.After that, these bags are 100% natural and Eco-Friendly. You can also look for other many types of bags. Like Beach Bags, Cotton BagsDrawstring Bags, Non-Woven Bags.  Promotional Bags, Shopping Bags, Toy Bags, Wine Bags, Tote Bags, Cotton Bags.In addition we export all these Cotton bags all over the world market. However Official Bags are mainly using by UK, USA, France, Australia. Also using by Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, Denmark, and Canada.
  • Promotional Bags

    Promotional Bags (25)

    Pups Jute Bags is one of the best quality Jute Promotional Bags, Cotton Promotional Bags and Canvas Promotional Bags manufacturer, wholesaler and Global exporter from India.

    About Promotional Bags:

    The Promotional Jute Bags are designed and manufactured by Puspa are perfect for all sorts of promotional event. Puspa Jute bags is known as a leading Promotional & tote jute bags manufacturer & exporter in India & Kolkata. We also export this high quality product to all the major countries in the world. All the products are displayed in the website. So the customers are encouraged to put their order/s online and get the product from the comfort of their home.A large selection make of tote, drawstring, cotton and travel styles. Putting the appropriate logo on these bags. It will make thousands of passers-by aware of the company. It shows where to find their products and items. These bags are made strong and long-lasting. Thus the promotional ads will last for a long time.


    There are so many different types of products in the market. It implies that something will be there for a number of occasions, seasons and types of occasions. These Promotional Bags incorporate logo, website address and contact details. It imbibes that the company along with all the aspects are carried far away. This is the fundamental concept of Promotional Bags.Promotional Jute Bags are preferably given as gift during some particular season in a hope that those bags will be utilized within that season, as this will serve as people’s talk. Especially, cooler and picnic products make mind-blowing products as gifts for the summer. The week-ender bags unfailingly are excellent during peak travel times.
  • Tote Bags

    Tote Bags (12)

    Tote Bags manufacturers in India | Tote bags wholesaler | Tote bags exporter in India 100% Eco Friendly Bags

    The term "tote" or tate meaning "to carry", can be traced back to the 17th century but the tote bags craze in the US began in the 1940s.A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. The architect of the tote bag is made of sturdy cloth, perhaps with leather or cotton handles. The fabric used, heavy canvas died or treated to resists moisture and mold.Jute is another traditional materials, though less popular but eco-friendly too than disposable plastic bags and they can be reused multiple times.We M/s. R. K. Enterprise having it's the popular brand "puspa jute bags" are often looking for ways to effectively promote their brand at a low cost and hardy products. These low-cost products are so popular in various countries among consumers because they are practical. "puspa jute bag" brand can dramatically benefit your business. With custom tote bags, your receivers will be able to remember your brand for as long as they use and reuse your branded totes.Tote bags are not simply souvenirs, they are powerful branding tools.Puspa jute bag is known as one of the largest Tote Bags manufacturers in India. We only provide the best quality products.
  • Toy Bags

    Toy Bags (6)

    Finest Quality customized jute and cotton Toy Bags manufacturer, exporter, Global supplier and wholesaler from India

    Toy Bags Is In Soft Jute And Doesn't Scratch So Junior Can Clamber Safely All Over It.  It is durable, easy and in any dimensions, it can fold flat when not required. Always insist on “ PUSPA JUTE BAG “ , the only brand of R. K. Enterprise.R. K. Enterprise producing earthy-looking bag which is a really good size to chuck loads of baby/toddler toys in. Jute toy bags are stylish, durable, easy to pull around and roomy. Great as soft but sturdy toy boxes.  Good quality jute bag with handles, very practical, plain and durable but attractive.  It can also folds up very small if you need it to. It looks good, it is soft so there are no injuries as baby climbs all over it to get at their toys and it holds loads. The advantage of using jute Toy bags : Jute Toy bag is an eco-friendly product for both human and the nature, this is reusable, it has no extra cost for maintenance, this is mostly bio-degradable and recyclable, this is strong and can carry more weight and jute has low thermal conductivity. “ PUSPA JUTE BAG “ is the most popular brand of R. K. Enterprise in both domestic and abroad market they manufacture toy bag which is ideal for toys, for loose odds and ends or to pack all your essentials for a sleepover, it has made by jute rope drawstring tie which also links up to the base of the bag so can be carried over the shoulder. The bag material may be coloured jute. For kids and babies it is always insist on using jute or cotton bags for their health protection. These products specially developed with pure jute for gentle cleansing, suitable for baby's sensitive skin. This durable yet beautiful jute bag is a useful accessory to carry small item for children such as lunch in, or an ideal way to present a gift. We shall take the oath for the fourth coming generation to live them in a pollution free earth, a green field and a friendly environment. At least they should breath a full of oxygen and to grow with the nature. We will get them in to the habit of using eco-friendly products from the childhood to save their lovely earth.

    Uses Of Toy Bags:

    Toy bags are used by the Kids of a house for getting their toys stored in a unique place. These products are available in deeply knitted form. These perfectly woven bags are too spacious and perfect storage that helps to keep the playing space nice and tidy. The bags are fastened to the outside space of the box and all the stuffs are always had off close to hand. The product helps to form a perfect combination with a matched playpen mat. These bags are available in various knitting patterns and colors. Customers are encouraged to be online to find perfect matched bag with their playpen and order online.The Jute Toy Bags manufactured by Puspa Jute Bags are highly stylish and strong enough to carry a enough quantity of play stuff. Due to the look and utilizing effect, there is a huge international demand for these products. These Large Jute Storage Basket serves as a simple storage solution for any home. Neutral toned jute will complement every style of playpen and interior, whatsoever be their color scheme. It is thus making it essential for making a somber atmosphere in the home.

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