About the Jute Bags

JUTE BAGS When it comes to bags, jute bags stand out as the leading performer. There can be not better choice .as it is totally biodegradable and it pose no threat to the environment. LOOKS-They are not only sturdy to carry heavy loads but their looks are really stylish and fashionable. Think of jute bags […]

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About the Cotton Bags

Cotton Bags Looking for a way out of using plastic bags, then cotton bags are for you. It is the best choice if you desire is to save the environment and keep it pollution free. Cotton bags Eco friendly nature and traditional look provides the best and automatic choice for many users. ADVANTAGES Cotton bags […]

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Why should we choose jute bags?

Jute is a natural fabric that has a golden and silky sheen to it. It’s indeed renewable and biodegradable, making it environmentally beneficial. Additionally, Jute is the least expensive agricultural fibre derived from the inner bark or base of the plant’s stems. Strong threads may be spun from jute. Every minute, nearly one million bags […]

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Why are jute bags better than plastic ones?

Plastic is the most dangerous emerging problem; it accounts for more than 80% of garbage in the bodies of water. Humans and aquatic life are both at peril. Shores, reservoirs, and other sources of water are littered with plastic containers, bin bags, and other debris. Those are consumed by marine organisms such as dolphins and […]

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Why Cotton Bags Are The Most Eco-Friendly And Popular For Promotional Choice.

Cotton Promotional bags are the Most Eco- Friendly Nowadays, branded cotton bags are becoming a new trend for every generation. And when you consider using cotton bags they have endless good reasons as they are eco-friendly, affordable, and they are usually more durable than plastic bags. Furthermore, it is also vital to remember that stores […]

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Significance of Cotton Bags in Shopping Industry and Daily Lives

Cotton Shopping Bags: An alternative to plastic and paper bags Demand for cotton bags has witnessed a substantial surge over the past few years due to its matchless properties. In recent times, cotton shopping bags have gained immense popularity due to its consumption of less water and energy and contribute significantly to reducing pollution. Excessive […]

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