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Puspa Jute Bags was established in 1996. The mandate of the establishment was to manufacture Eco-Friendly Jute bags and Cotton Bags. We are located on the outskirts of Kolkata. With a premier existence in the market for over twenty years in manufacturing and trade, the company has acquired popularity in producing and supplying Jute, Cotton, and Non-woven bags. A number of leading exporters and miscellaneous MNC companies are our clients. We have achieved colossal responses from our customers. Appraisals are there for innovative qualities and product range, dedication, and business ethics. Backed by such a prodigy of appraisal, we decided to start our own export unit and commenced to perform as an export unit on and from the 2nd of August, 2013. Thus, our export unit has also encompassed an experience of around four years and we have done exceptionally well in this field also. The company is a name in the mind of various international conglomerates from various European countries including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and various others. We have a base in the United States too and aspire to become the number one company in the field of Jute and Cotton products manufacture and export.

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Create a Plastic Bag-free environment – bring a difference to our planet!

Jute and cotton bags are made from natural fabric that is completely eco-friendly. This product is a bio-degradable, reusable one. The enduring property of these bags has made them a sustainable alternative to plastic and every other Green or eco-type bag available in the market that is made of Polypropylene as well. Polypropylene is a Petrochemical by-product that cannot be broken down naturally by air, climate, moisture, or soil. Being aligned with Eco-Friendly Jute and cotton Bags means people are aware of our environmental liability. These bags are available in different colors, and sizes and are seen to be available with windows.


Puspa Jute Bags is India’s reputed Jute, Cotton, and Canvas bag manufacturer and Exporter. Fine-quality shopping, promotional, and grocery bags are manufactured and exported all over the globe. These bags are available in customized varieties incorporating the needs and demands of the customers. We have strived to achieve success and started to procure for the sake of the current and following generations to come. The credit for achieving success goes to the positive and proactive vision of the management team. Retention of international quality is another vital aspect. It is attiring honest principles and keeping faith in ethics that has made us a famous name among the best Jute and cotton bag exporters in India. Our company has been a supplier of bags to major institutions and supermarket chains throughout the country and various other parts of the world. Our main market includes the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy & Japan. We have many satisfied clients in United Kingdom & United States who buy hessian shopping bags & cotton shopping bags regularly. Not being a re-seller, we have the power to supply products at factory direct prices. This principle saves a huge buck from the pockets of the customers. Time is also saved thus.

Prospective customers are encouraged to contact us for more detailed information about the range of products and services. The company deals with Jute and cotton bags of high-end quality and a huge variety is available. Promotional Jute and cotton bags are also manufactured that can be used to promote your company. These bags are tailor-made in line with the customer’s requirements.

The progressive approach, proactive vision, management, and impeccable qualities are some of the USPs of our company. Currently, we have operational corners both in India and USA. This has enabled us to trade globally with confidence.

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