Burning issues on Environment 1
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Burning issues on Environment

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Numerous activists on environment, and scientists and researchers who pay close attention about various changes of the environment are entrusted to point out the challenges and issues that we might have to encounter. The environment is envisaged to suffer deterioration with time and recurring way every year. However, there are various other challenges going to prop up as a consequence of all the incessant changes and damages happened to cause to the environment.

Global Warming

The human influences in making the globe a warmer place is quite evident. The burning of fuels and prevention of pollution capture like deforestation has been vindicated as the root cause of Global Warming. The emitted CO2, methane, soot and various other pollutants that are released in the environment by us act like a blanket that trap the radiation from sun and cause the planet to get warmer. These emissions are evidently making an alteration in total climate system. It has impact on land, atmosphere, oceans and likewise. The hike of temperature cause several natural disasters. It includes storms, heat waves, floods and droughts. In general, a warmer climate changes weather patterns to make wet areas more wet and dry areas drier. The increase in number of droughts, intense storms and severe floods pose high risks in public health and safety.

Burning issues on Environment 2


Here I want to say Environmental Pollution as a whole. It indicates to the human activities causing harm to natural ecology. Such pollution can be caused by even a factory smoke or open rubbish tips. There are pollutions that harm the climate directly, while others just reduce you quality of life. It is rightly pointed out as the most serious threat to humanity and other living organisms. Pollution is of various forms – Air, water, sound and so on. Polluted Air may cause harm to corps and brings out various ailments. There are Air pollutants that reduce the capacity of the atmosphere to filter out the harmful UV rays. Such pollutants may cause life-threat diseases. Water pollutants are known for its ability to contaminate water and other biological sources. Specially, with pollution in the oceans endangers marine lives.


It is seen that both Global Warming and Pollution are mainly caused due to some sort of senseless behaviour on our part. Thus it becomes our moral sublimation to presume measures that are helpful in curbing the possibilities of existence of these threats. In effect, there is a constant captioned propaganda against usage of everything that may harm the environment. These include the use of Bio-degradable fuels in lieu of petroleum products, making an optimal use of natural eco-friendly products and various other means. Use of Bio-degradable, reusable and natural products in place of synthetic ones will serve the purpose.

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