Advantages of Using Jute Bags instead of Plastic Bags 1
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Advantages of Using Jute Bags instead of Plastic Bags

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Advantages of Using Jute Bags instead of Plastic Bags 2

The Jute:

Jute is a fibre product obtained naturally from plant that can be converted into strong threads. The plants from which this product is obtained are mainly had of in humid and warm regions of South East Asia including Bangladesh and India.

How Plastic Bags came to usage:

Jute bags are natural product and these products are a bit costlier too. Thus, an alternative product made from PP type fabric becomes popular as they are offered at much lower rate. That is fine, but the main threat that is seen by using these products is that they are not easily degradable. Thus, they are not rotten and stay for long period. This property of these products causes much threat to environmental balance. It is found that a major part of floating waste in oceans and lakes are comprised of plastic and the most fearful aspect is that aquatic animals absorb them considering as jellyfish. Thus, voices rose up against use of Plastic Bags and most National government are, by now able to recognize the threats and started the processes of banning such a harmful material.

However, Jute has a lot of advantages over Plastic. They can be enumerated as follows:

Natural fibre:
  • Jute is a natural fibre which is very strong and highly durable. These natural products are easily degradable and cause no threat to the environment. Carrying of products in a Jute container or bags poses no threat to hygiene. On the other hand, Plastic are also strong and functional and carrying good poses no threat to health. But, plastic bags are not biodegradable and take a long time to decompose and thus cause environmental hazard.
Using several times:
  • Jute products can be used multiple times. Since, it is a natural product that decomposes within a stipulated period; no pollution is created in the environment. On the other hand, many plastic products are made to use for once only. Thus, it is seen that lots of such things are dumped in the face of waterways, sewage, parks, beaches and streets.
Long lasting:
  • Jute products are seen to maintain their gloss and glaze for a longer time. They are made from natural fibre and thus are able to keep their strength for rather longer period. On the other hand, plastics are seen to lose their beauty in a very short time. This short span of these products implies more production and ultimately more burden on nature and environment.
  • The jute, being a natural fibre, decomposes within a standard period, say, few weeks or months. On the other hand, plastics need hundreds of years for complete disintegration. So, these products are seen to choke sewerage systems, and being not biodegradable, causes pollution in Air, Water and to the nature as a whole.

So, it is suggested that Jute are preferably be used in all cases in lieu of environment – threatening plastics.

7 thoughts on “Advantages of Using Jute Bags instead of Plastic Bags

  1. Polythene bags are single use plastic bags which are used for shopping. They cannot be used more than one or two times. Discarded plastic bags lead to litter and plastic waste. Plastic is non biodegradable and difficult to recycle. This is why jute bags are gaining popularity. They are made of natural fiber. Jute bags are completely biodegradable. A single jute bag degrades into the environment within two years. They are highly durable and can be used for many years. Hence, it is advisable to carry jute bags.

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