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Why We Should Go for Eco-Friendly Bags?

Posted On July 28, 2019 at 1:24 pm by / 1 Comment

Why Eco-friendly bags facts :

Day by day we can see the environmentalist of the world and scientists too are very worried about the disease called global warming. These two short words may kill our environment one day if we don’t think about it seriously. Well, the destruction of nature may be responsible for humankind. We are getting plenty of things from our environment to live our life like oxygen, breeze, sunlight, moonlight, water, food everything. But in return of that, what we are giving to our Earth? Only pollution.

Human made pollution are destructive for our ecosystem:

Now how much we are developing, side by side pollution also developing. The huge amount of pollution comes from our daily uses of plastic carry bags. Due to smooth production, cheap cost, and availability make it accessible everywhere. But these types of bags are not Eco-friendly bags. It is not reusable, and it does not absorb to water. If plastic pouches burn in landfills, then toxic elements emit to the air, and it also affects all living things.

Life-Threatening effects of Plastic Carry Bags:

Plastics are also giving harmful effects on wildlife, marine life everywhere. The animals, birds, also consuming the plastics by eating wastage of food from a dustbin and it also attached with the food, so they grab it all together, and it also takes them to the death which affects to our ecosystem. Now ecologists are telling carry bag manufacturers to make something those are Eco-friendly, and users love to use. Here we see the necessity of other bags than plastics.

There are a variety of options to choose Eco-friendly bags like Cotton, Jute; Paper made, etc.

How people are using Eco-friendly bags instead of Plastics:

Now we see lots of people gradually turn to manufacture Eco-friendly bags to reduce the effects of global warming. Like cotton bags, jute bags, paper bags are very attractive, useful, Eco-friendly. They also absorb to water, reusable, easy to carry, user-friendly. These are also durable, Washable, Flexible usage. Now we can see the shopping malls are using these bags instead of plastic carry bags, which is a great sign of the environment Safety and a vital step towards stop global warming.


Conclusion: So if we follow all the rules mentioned above then we can give pollution free nature to our coming generation. That way they also follow our footstep and make our Earth Pollution-free generation by generation.

Whereas it is a decomposed item and decomposition of jute and cotton in the soil and water are called Eco-friendly products, infect it helps soil to retain its quality.   Jute / Cotton are 100% bio-degradable & recyclable and thus they are environment friendly.

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  1. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Well written article covered every point on importance of Eco-Friendly Bags.

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