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Significance of Cotton Bags in Shopping Industry and Daily Lives

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Cotton Shopping Bags: An alternative to plastic and paper bags
Demand for cotton bags has witnessed a substantial surge over the past few years due to its matchless properties. In recent times, cotton shopping bags have gained immense popularity due to its consumption of less water and energy and contribute significantly to reducing pollution. Excessive utilization of plastic bags posed a serious threat to the environment due to its non-degradable nature, which needs to be replaced by degradable, cost-effective and eco-friendly bags. Cotton bags are considered as 100 percent biodegradable and made from renewable resources thus environmentally friendly to human beings and nature.
The growing concerns for the environment and increased pollution generated from harmful plastic bags have shifted the attention of industrialists and businessmen towards eco-friendly options such as cotton bags. Cotton shopping bags hold several benefits for both the consumer and business owners. From the customer’s perspective, it is easy to carry, stronger than plastic and paper bags and contribute significantly to the green revolution. Since, cotton can be harvested in huge quantity in short span of time and shopping bags made up of cotton are manufactured at comparatively low cost, cotton shopping bags have proved to be profitable for businesses. For instance, renowned supermarket chain Morrisons has utilized cotton bags to deliver products to its customers.

Valuable Characteristics and Applications of Cotton Bags
Unlike other shopping bags, cotton bags do not require maintenance and can be reused and recycled for several times. One of the major attributes of cotton bags is its durability and is comparatively cheaper than paper and compostable plastic bags available in the market. As cellulose fibers of cotton is soft, fluffy and withstand heat it can be spun into strong threads and moulded into various sizes, shapes and patterns of interest. Natural hollow fibers of cotton have a tenacity of 3-5 gm/den (Gram/Denier), which reduces the stress and increases the tensile strength of cotton shopping that lasts for a longer time.
Cotton shopping bags have become the automatic choice of the present generation as they appear fashionable; durable compared to paper bags and can be easily degradable into simple substances. Cotton bags are a necessity in daily lives as they are not only used for shopping, but also utilized for other activities such as packing, promotion, carrying and protecting diverse essential items. In other words, cotton bags are economically feasible, culturally acceptable and environmentally sustainable. Cotton shopping bags also serves as a fantastic promotional tool to endorse a particular brand and capture the mind of the customers by making striking abstract and logos on the white background of cotton bags.

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