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Promotional Tape Handle Bags

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Product Code: (RK-JPB-02)

SIZE : 38 CM X 30 CM X 12 CM



Promotional Tape Handle Bags Uses:

The Promotional Tape Handle Bags are design and manufactured by Puspa Jute Bags.

There are so many different types of products in the market.  These Promotional Bags incorporate logo, website address and contact details. It imbibes that the company along with all the aspects are carried far away. This is the fundamental concept of Promotional Bags.

A large selection make of tote, drawstring, cotton and travel styles. Putting the appropriate logo on these bags. It will make thousands of passers-by aware of the company. It shows where to find their products and items. These bags are strong and long-lasting. Thus the promotional ads will last for a long time.

Our Promotional jute bags & cotton bags are design beautifully for the purpose of promotion. Above all, Promotional Bags are using for gift purpose.

After that, these bags are 100% natural and Eco-Friendly. You can also look for other many types of bags. Like Beach BagsDrawstring Bags, Grow Bags. Non-Woven Bags, Official Bags, Shopping Bags, Toy Bags, Wine Bags, Tote Bags.

We export all these Promotional Bags all over the world market.

1 review for Promotional Tape Handle Bags

  1. vijay petals

    I ordered 1000 pic the quality and delivery is very good. Thanks

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