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Eco-Friendly Heavy-Duty Hessian 4 Bottle Wine Carrier Bag with Cotton Padded Handle

Product Code: (RK-WB-03)
BAG SIZE : H 35 CM X W 40 CM X G 10 CM
BAG HANDLE TYPE: Short Cotton Handle
Introducing our Hessian 4-Bottle Wine Carrier with a padded handle, a durable and stylish solution for transporting multiple wine bottles. Crafted from high-quality hessian material, this carrier ensures secure transportation for up to six standard-sized wine bottles. The padded handle adds comfort during carrying, making it perfect for wine enthusiasts, caterers, and event planners a like.


Product Key Features:

Durable Hessian Material: Crafted from sturdy hessian material, providing durability and protection for your wine bottles during transportation.


Four-Bottle Capacity: Designed to comfortably hold up to six standard-sized wine bottles, making it perfect for gatherings, parties, or wine enthusiasts.


Padded Handle: Equipped with a padded handle for added comfort while carrying, ensuring ease of transportation even when fully loaded.


Secure Closure: Features a secure closure mechanism to keep your bottles in place and prevent any accidental spills or damage.


Versatile Use: Ideal for picnics, wine tasting events, or as a thoughtful gift for wine lovers.


Direction for Use:

Place up to six standard-sized wine bottles into the carrier slots, ensuring they fit snugly. Lift the carrier using the padded handle and carry it with ease to your desired destination. Ensure the bottles are secure before transporting to prevent any accidents or spillage.


Safety Information:

Handle with care to avoid any damage to the wine bottles or the carrier itself. Keep away from children and pets to prevent any accidents. Avoid overloading the carrier beyond its capacity to maintain its integrity.


Care and Maintenance:

After each use, gently wipe this wine bag with a damp cloth to remove any spills or stains. Allow it to air dry completely before storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid machine washing or soaking the bag to prevent damage to the material. With proper care, your wine bottle carrier bag will remain a chic and functional accessory for all your wine-toting adventures.


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