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Cotton Shopping bag with flower print


Cotton bags can be put to multiple uses.

Some of the best uses can be listed as follows :-

  • Easy and comfortable use for shopping grocery and other household goods.
  • Can be used for storing books and other stationery materials
  • Also comes handy for carrying baby goods when going out
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Cotton Shopping bags with flower print and Exporter from Kolkata India. 100% Eco Friendly and Biodegradable.
We can Manufacture Cotton Shopping bags with flower print as per your requirement.


Looking for a way out of using plastic bags, then cotton bags are for you. It is the best choice if you desire is to save the environment and keep it pollution free. Cotton bags eco friendly nature and traditional look provides the best and automatic choice for many users.



1) Cotton bags made of cotton are totally eco-friendly.

2) Bio-degradable.

3) Less harmful to the environment.

4) Easily washable.

5) Durable

6) Multiple uses


How to clean cotton bags?

Are you worried as to how to maintain cotton bags? Just relax; washing it in cold water would be best option to clean cotton bags. Just soak it in cold water and brush it softly to remove the dirt. Use always the best and eco-friendly detergent to avoid damage. The best step would be to soak the cotton bag for some 15 minutes to have a clean wash. After rubbing it well and removing the dirt rinse the bag well. Then leave it to dry naturally. So when you are done with the proper wash care process, the cotton bags you are using will be ready to be put into use again.




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