Jute Wine Bag

From The Packaging Revolution We Have Derived In Various Designs Of Wine Bottle Carry Bag Now A Day

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About Wine bags:-

A bag specially meant for holding or carrying bottle is called wine or liquor bottle bag. The traditional wine bottle bags are made of leather or other hard materials however, current trend uses jute as material for making such bags. Insulated and textured jute fiber is used for making wine bottle bags. These jute bottle bags are used by liquor companies and vineyards for packaging and promotional purposes. Since these bags are print friendly, companies can print their logos with respective names. They are excellent promotional benefit for the visitors to the winery. These bottle bags are ideal for gift packing or gifting.

Create a tasteful gift for wine lovers with our stylish jute bag, designed to hold one, two, three up to six wine bottles. Made from completely sustainable and ethical materials, the bag features logo and transparent compartments for each bottle. With sturdy handles and a subtle design, the bag provides a smart way of presenting your choice of our specialist drinks packaging, including traditional meads, delicious English wines and Champagnes, or unusual spirits and beers. Combining practicality with great design and an ethical footprint, this reusable bag offers a stylish way to present your gifts. Our exclusive Jute Wine Bag a way to present a bottle of alcohol for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. Crafted of natural jute, this reusable bag can be printed the name of the wine or a special message on this memorable and stylish gift bag.

Jute is an eco-friendly, all-natural fibre that is bio-degradable. This handsome looking wine bag produced by R. K. Enterprise features wood handles, rope handles, tape handles etc. It is common courtesy and proper etiquette not to show up to a birthday dinner party empty handed. Make sure to be a good guest and bring something for your hosts. A bottle of wine is a great gift for new or old friends that says you’re sophisticated and thoughtful. A bottle of alcohol in a personalized gift bag says you’re also stylish and attentive to details. Our “Puspa Jute Bagbrand, these gift bags are reusable, so they make fantastic gifts on their own.

Jute wine bottle bag manufacturers offer a wide range bags with different designs and sizes. The single bottle carrier looks elegant and stylish. There are various bottle bags with multiple holders. The pockets inside the multiple bottle carriers prevent the bottles from clinking and breakage. Cotton strings, straps and wooden handles are the most common. The compartments or the dividers between bottles are stitched in a manner that they can be removed to convert these bags into a great shopping companion. Normally, a wine bottle bag can hold one to six bottles.

Add your own personal touch and gift to your loved one something special this Christmas People love to get a bottle of wine, and people love to give it – it’s the perfect icebreaker for a visit. Why just settle for the plain brown paper bag that it came in from the liquor store when you can show up with an eye-catching custom wine bag ? We’ve got a selection of great-looking wine bags that can fit any occasion. Like with everything we carry a reasonable price matching offer and on same-day shipping.

At R.K. Enterprise, we’re working since 22 years and we are having the most helpful, knowledgeable and responsive customer service anywhere in the Globe. These wine totes and cooler bags ensure that your wine is protected during travel.Its allowing you to enjoy your favourite bottle at a restaurant, picnic or when visiting friends. Reusable bags are everywhere, which is awesome for both the environment and the businesses making good use of them. Paper and plastic bags ruin habitats, choke animals, make them sick and kill them. Considering most people don’t feel good about that, reusable bags are a great way to go. Similarly, animals and plants in the ocean are harmed by waste materials, so do your part to keep them out of the ocean by going reusable. Plastics leak toxins that are harmful to people and animals. Avoid them with quality materials like jute and canvas.

Reusable bag styles aren’t confined to the typical grocery bag size. Wine bags, for instance, come in one-bottletwo-bottlefour-bottle and six-bottle styles, and are made with a variety of different materials. One of the major reasons why these bags have become the market preference is their portability and ease to carry around. A wine bag takes care of the alcoholic beverage during transport eliminating possible spillage and hassles. This accessory provides your wine bottles with the utmost protection during that special occasion when you are enjoying outside your home with your friends, family members or colleagues. You do not need to worry about the risk of having broken bottles long the way and loosing the taste of your wine.

Now a days wine bags are widely used by the business entrepreneurs for their marketing and advertising ideas. Wine producers came to understand the major reasons why these bags have become the market preference is their portability and ease to carry around. A wine bag takes care of the logo and brand name of the products. You do not need to worry about the risk of having broken bottles long the way and loosing the taste of your wine.

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