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Jute Drawstring Bag Makes A Great Natural Gift Bag For Carrying Small Items

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Drawstring backpacks are made around the qualities of lightweight, elegant and useful. It has drawstring closure at the top of the bag. 100% Jute fabric bag with jute rope can be used packing, gift bag and is reusable. The bag have competitive price with high quality. The two comfortable cotton drawstrings are held up by strong loops for added strength. For those looking for extra storage, these drawstring backpacks are very useful.


Body :

Drawstring bags have been around for hundreds of years and have been used by both men and women. These bags have been prevalent as far back as ancient Egypt. A drawstring bag is a string, cord, lace, or rope used to “draw” fabric or other material. Carrying one around holding his personal items. Many people used drawstring bags, In which to carry their money. Drawstring Bags are easy usage bags to tie up your sometime voluminous articles for easy and secure storage. Backpacks allow easy back-carry of your stuff to school, gym etc. Drawstring Bags are commonly used as laundry bags, shoe bags, dust bags or simply to pack any article in an enclosed manner such that they can be handed over in an aesthetic manner.

Jute is a basic item to prepare these bags it is one of the most affordable natural fibers and it is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses of vegetable fibers. Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin. It falls into the bast fiber category (fiber collected from bast, the phloem of the plant, sometimes called the “skin” along with kenaf, industrial hempflax (linen),ramie,etc. The industrial term for jute fiber is raw jute. The fibers are off-white to brown, and 1–4 metres (3–13 feet) long. Jute is also called the golden fiber for its colour and high cash value. For centuries,jute has been an integral part of the culture of East Bengal and some parts of West Bengal,precisely in the southwest of Bangladesh. Since the seventeenth century the British started trading in jute. During the reign of the British Empire jute was also used in the military. British jute barons grew rich processing jute and selling manufactured products made from jute. Dundee Jute Barons and the British East India Company set up many jute mills in West Bengal and by 1895 jute industries in Bengal overtook the Scottish jute trade. Many Scots immigrated to Bengal to set up jute factories. More than a billion jute sandbags were exported from Bengal to the trenches during World War I and also exported to the United States southern region to bag cotton.

Drawstring bags are mostly used by :


Beach bound of ocean :- Perfect for carrying a book, shades, sunscreen, and a towel, these designs are ready to hit the sand and surf. Oceanside friendly works.

Cool Cyclist :- For the two-wheeled lover and admirer, a drawstring bag can cart groceries from the market, carry a jacket,or hold your helmet when you stop off for a break.

Classy Students :- Ready for jetting from class to class while carrying all your smarty-pants tools like books and computers and calculators and whatnot? Then these bags will do the trick.

Work Warrior :- Magically staying motivated,this fitness guru is sure to love these bags for all their workout needs. Designs to stand out while hustling to the gym include.

Weekend Hiker :- A hiker will need a perfect lightweight bag to carry along a water bottle, trail mix, sunscreen and more. Choice designs for those into the outdoors scene.


I thought this one could be a beach or a swimming bag too –


Drawstring Bags are the most versatile and useful bags one can come across. They might be small and look insignificant,but they assist us in many important tasks in our everyday life. These bags have many advantages and some of them are listed below.

If you are going on a trip and there is a chance that your shampoo might leak and ruin all your clothes,what is the first thing you would do to prevent this from happening? You would wrap the bottle in a newspaper,or use a polythene bag or you might even wrap a cloth around. But frankly speaking,is anyone of these things going to stop the spoilage? No,so what should you do? We recommend that using drawstring bags to store your shampoos and other bottles would be a wise thing to do. These bags are known throughout the world for their storing properties.

Drawstring bags are lightweight. This feature makes them all the more worthwhile. Back when these bags did not exist,we used to store our stuff in large boxes and carrying them was a big issue. But it is not the case now, since these bags have made our life much easier. They are handy and can be easily carried. Drawstring bags have multi purposes – did you know that you can use them as a medium of storing and transporting money and checks? Your stuff is secured with the double cotton drawstring attached inside the bag. It tightly holds everything that is present inside the bag. Opening and closing these bags is much easier with the soft drawstring.


As its revealed many youngsters haul half their body weight. Is your child’s school bag harming their spine?

For most parents,it’s an achievement to get the children to school in time with everything they need (homework,the signed consent forms,the right sports kit,musical instruments,the cake for the charity fundraiser).

The combined weight of everything they have to carry to and from school is causing growing concern among back specialists.

Eighty per cent of children in the UK regularly carry bags that are up to 20 per cent of their body weight on their back,according to research from the charity BackCare. Studies show children should not carry any more than 10 per cent of their body weight and that anything over 15 per cent can be damaging.

Study shows increasing numbers of young adults coming for treatment in relation to back trouble and this can often be traced back to carrying heavy bags to school. Children’s skeletons are still developing,and having a heavy bag slung over one shoulder can exert unnatural force on the spine, muscles and attachments.

Over the years the humble drawstring backpack has taken quite a journey. Today it reincarnates itself once more,returning as 2015’s most fashionable carryall.

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