Buy Jute Bags and Step into the Plastic-Free World 1
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Buy Jute Bags and Step into the Plastic-Free World

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Buy Jute Bags and Step into the Plastic-Free World

In today’s context, Jute, as well as jute bags, are the best alternative solution for the pollution-free eco-friendly environment. Jute is a natural fiber that is most eco-accommodating, biodegradable and recyclable fiber on the planet that meets both objectives of social duty and green development so it has gained tremendous importance over the years.

The world now realizes the dangerous effects of using plastic bags. It is one of the major threats to humankind and severe issue to the environmentalists. Plastics pollute the air, water, and soil. The flora and the fauna of water bodies, pond, river, sea, ocean, as well as all the living creatures are severely affected by the plastic carries.

Major Advantages of Jute Bags

Jute bags are biodegradable and compostable. But on the other hand, plastic bags are non-biodegradable and release cancer-causing compounds and other severe compounds. So let us have a look at the main advantages of using Jute Bags over plastic and other bags.

1.      Natural Fiber

Jute bags are produced out of jute fiber, which is cheap and available and has a soft and smooth texture.

Jute is much more sustainable, while plastic bags have a short span of life. Every year plastic bags are littering all around us, which is extremely dirty and harmful for the environment as they roll up in streets water bodies, canals, river, beaches, and sea. Jute bags are entirely biodegradable, reusable, breathable, and temperature resistant. Carrying products in a jute bag causes no threat to hygiene or health.

2.      Can be Used Several Times

You can use jute bags for multiple times. Jute bags are natural products so it one can destroy and decompose jute easily, which is fully a pollution-free process. On the other hand, plastic products are made to use for one time, so many plastic carries are dumped in waterways, sewage, beaches, and streets everywhere.

3.      Long-Lasting

Jute bags can keep their strength for a longer period and durable it does not lose its beauty for a long time. On the other hand, plastics lose their beauty, in a very soon. Using jute bags would be a conscious effort on your part to make a plastic-free environment.

4.      Variation and Design

Jute bags are hip and trendy! Nowadays, different jute bag companies are making ultra-modern designed bags for customers. These jute bags can be used in multiple ways. Companies are using jute to create bags that carry books, folders, vegetables, and many more! Moreover, they are also making shopping bags, fashionable bags, and many more with jute in diverse colors, designs, sizes, and ranges.

5.      A Contribution to Nature

Jute plants cleanse the air, and thus one-hectare jute plant absorbs 25 tons of CO2 and emits 11tons of oxygen. It is also known for its high tensile strength and low extensibility. Besides this jute, farming is labor-intensive, where unemployment is a severe issue.

Different Types of Jute Bags

If you think jute bags are those boring brown-colored bags that can only be used to carry rice, vegetables, and old clothes, you are wrong! Jute bags have more usages than you can think of! Let’s take a look at below:

Jute Lunch bags

Going to the office? You definitely need a lunch bag! Worry not, stylish, handy, and sturdy Jute Lunch Bags are there to carry your lunch.

Jute branding bags

Run a business? Looking for innovative ways to promote your brand? What can be better than Jute branding bags that have your brand logo stuck?

Jute shopping bags

You cannot forget the conventional usage of jute bags! Jute shopping bags are strong and comfortable to get back from a lot of shopping!

Jute school bags

Well, you can also use jute bags as your school bags! There are different jute school bags available in the market that look nice and feel good.

Designer handbags made with Jute

Want to flaunt your style? Start using a designer handbag made with jute. It’s stylish, handy and environment-friendly!

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