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  • Jute hand painted bag Innovative look save bird

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    Why pick our hand painted jute grocery bag?

    • They are bio degradable product.
    • Eco-friendly
    • Use of good quality jute.
    • Artistically designed
    • Customization according to demand for your grocery bag.
    • They are reusable and long lasting.
    • Easy to use and gives comfort to your delicate hands while carrying grocery products.
    • Available in different sizes and endless designs.
    • Fashionable in looks and no such maintenance cost.
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Hand painted Jute Bags Manufacturer and Hand painted Jute bags Exporter from Kolkata India

Hand painted Jute Bags and Exporter from Kolkata India. 100% Eco Friendly and Biodegradable. We can Manufacture Hand painted Jute Bags as per your requirement.

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